Diverse Revolutionary
Unitarian Universalist
Multicultural Ministries

Who is DRUUMM?

DRUUMM is a volunteer-led organization with a Steering Committee elected by DRUUMM members at the annual meeting. All terms are 3 years, staggered.  Steering meets monthly via Zoom and yearly at General Assembly.

Current Steering Committee

Co-Presidents: Rev. Ranwa Hammamy (2018) and Rev. Marta Valentin (2018) 

1st Vice President: Theresa Soto (2019)

2nd Vice President: Sana Saeed (2019)

Secretary: Janell Hill (2019)

Treasurer: Rev. Darrick Jackson (2018)

Outreach Coordinator: Ronnie Boyd (2019)

Communications Coordinator: Samantha Ewing (2019) and Kevin Mann (2020)

GA Coordinator: Ben Gabel (2020) and Steven Ballesteros (2018)

UUA Liaison: Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen (2018) and Rev. Marisol Caballero (2019)

CUC Liaison: Asha Philar (2018)
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