A Prayer From The Reverend Darrick Jackson

08 Jul 2016 1:36 PM | Anonymous member


DRUUMM shares this prayer from the Reverend Darrick Jackson amidst these difficult times:

Lament for a Broken World

Holy One of Justice, World-Shaker, Righteous Fire, known by names spoken and unspoken.

I call on you today in the midst of pain and sorrow. I cannot bear to see another black and brown body destroyed and discarded because of oppression-fueled fear. I cannot bear to see another murderer set free because of the systemic racism embedded in our legal system. I am tired of shaking in fear every time I see a police car, wondering if they might find something to fear in my body, and make me the next viral video on social media.

And yet, I believe that there is something calling for change in this world. I believe that Black Lives Matter is more than a movement but the sacred catalytic force of human evolution. And this evolution is the only way we will survive as a species, or we will implode.

We. Must. Change. We must change our perceptions, change our systems, change our ways of life, so that all is grounded in the inherent worth and dignity of EVERY being, that we live as if we all were images of God, of Love, of Good. No longer can we let oppressions define, divide, and destroy us.

I am filled with hope that this prayer will be heard. That change WILL happen. Because the consequences are too dire if they don’t. May the holy power of justice use me as needed to be a part of the struggle. May the vision of a new world live and thrive in all of our imaginations, so that we can make it a reality.

Blessed Be

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